- the IRC proxy -

IrssiProxy is a IRC proxy I wrote for fun and simple testing purposes in fall 2000/spring 2001. Another reason this software exists is that I grew tired of people whining about our IRC bot not appreciating their dynamic hostnames, and decided to give them a chance to have a static host. There were few decent proxies available (dIRC proxy is definetely one), and after trying to cope with some of the crappy solutions out there, I wanted to experiment a little and bang - IrssiProxy was born. The proxy is programmed in Java programming language for total platform independence and maintainability.

irssiproxy-0.9.6-full.tar.gz - version 0.9.6 beta (compiled classes + source)

Installing: tar xvzf irssiproxy-?.?.?-full.tar.gz, or similar unpacking software (WinZip for one)

Using IrssiProxy
Running IrssiProxy: ./proxy start <port> on UNIX systems. Look at proxy script file for running on other platforms.

The configuration file config/proxy-users.xml should be self-explanatory.

Connect to the proxy as you would connect to an IRC server, with the password specified for you in the config file. The MOTD will have instructions about how to continue, but they are summarized here also:
/quote !server <server address> - to connect to an IRC server
/quote !detach - to detach session. After that you may /quit.

Just reconnnect to the proxy and any previously detached session will automatically be reattached.